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  • 07/01/2023

    Training for Mandated Reporters


    Understand that you, as a mandated reporter, have a critical role in protecting children by recogning and reporting child abuse.


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  • 02/10/2020

    Updated July 5, 2022 (includes information on Implicit Bias)

    The Mandated Reporter online training approved content published by DCFS now reflects changes made in PA 101-0564 and the Abused, Neglected and Child Reporting Act and can be accessed through the DCFS website and Virtual Training Center, free of charge 24/7, 365 days, with the ability for users to print completion certificates as evidence for the employer.  Interested parties desiring to develop their own training as a standalone or embedded with other content may do so with the understanding that they must use the Department’s public facing content as the basis of their required material.


    IL-MR Published Files Link

    The following link will provide you with a version of the Illinois Mandated Reporter Training published files to download and implement into your LMS. A word document with the Pre/Post Assessment questions are also included in this link.



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