• 02/03/2015

    Connecting with Your Brothers and Sisters Training

    This training was prepared especially for children and youth in foster care that have brothers and sisters who are also (or used to be) in foster care. It explains the importance of sibling relationships and the youth’s rights to be connected with their brothers and sisters. It also discusses the ways the adults involved in a child’s life will support the connections between sisters and brothers.  Please click the link below to start the program.

    Connecting with Your Brothers and Sisters.doc
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  • 03/28/2014

    Training On-Demand at Your Desk!

    The Office of Workforce Development now offers on-line training through the Virtual Training Center from your computer, whenever it fits your schedule!  Check out the new On-Demand Training available by clicking the On-Demand Training Icon at DCFStraining.org or simply click here.  New classes are being added, so be sure to check back every so often to see what's new!

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  • 05/09/2011

    FAQ'S - Virtual Training Center

    Questions about using the VTC?  

    Click on link below for answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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  • 04/29/2011

    New TCAF Form Available

    The Foster Parent Training Credit Approval Form (TCAF, CFS 574) has been revised. New requirements include:

    • Submission of the form to the Office of Training within 6 months of the training event; and
    • identification of the PRIDE competency the training addressed.

    Please inform all staff and foster caregivers and adoptive parents they should use only this new form, dated 3/2011.  

    If you have questions, please contact the PRIDE Regional Training manager for your area.

    Download New TCAF Form cfs574.pdf

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  • 10/05/2010

    VTC Applications

    If you are an Illinois Child Welfare professional who would like a VTC account, please click on the link below (DCFS/POS Staff) to complete the form on-line.

    If you are a foster caregiver who would like a VTC account, please click on the link below (FP VTC application) to complete the form on-line.


    FP VTC Application.pdf

    Staff VTC Application Rev

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Foster Parents

DCFS Article

Digital PRIDE Online Training:

To log in using your VTC user ID, click here

If you don't have a VTC account, click here.

How to Access the VTC.doc

Digital PRIDE Training - General Information.pdf

CFS574 TCAF Form.pdf

CPR January 2015.xls


PRIDE, Home of Relative PRIDE and Adoption Referral Forms.


CFS 2022-1_HMR_Foster_PRIDE-Adopt_PRIDE_Video-DVD Training_Confirmation_of_Completed_Pre-Lic_Preparation_Training.pdf

CFS 2022-2_Referral_Form_for_DCFS_Adoption_Certification_Training.pdf

CFS 2022_Foster_Pride-Adopt_Pride_Pre-Service_Pre-Licensure_Training_Referral_Form).pdf

PRIDE FP Child Care and Mileage Travel Reimburse Rev Nov 29 2012.doc

Training Request and Training Credit Approval Procedures.pdf


Training Schedules

Training Schedules can be found here

Cook County and Northern Region's Spanish Mandated Reporter Training Schedule

A Guide for DCFS Foster Families.pptx


Training Materials

Foster Family Handbook

Complete 2014 Foster Parent Handbook-1.pdf

Foster Parent Handbook Cover 2014-1.pdf

FP Handbook TOC File-1.pdf

FP Handbook Section 2 2014-1.pdf

FP Handbook Section 3 2014-1.pdf

FP Handbook Section 4 2014-1.pdf

FP Handbook Section 5 2014-1.pdf

FP Handbook Section 6 2014-1.pdf

FP Handbook Section 7 2014-1.pdf

FP Handbook Section 8 2014-1.pdf

FP Handbook Section 9 2014-1.pdf

FP Handbook Section 10 Reference Guide 2014-1.pdf


PRIDE Pre-Service Materials:

PRIDE Participants Guide 1-9.pdf

PRIDE Participant's Guide Appendices.pdf

HMR Participants' Manual.pdf

PRIDE Connection Session One.pdf

PRIDE Connection Session Two.pdf

PRIDE Connection Session Three.pdf

PRIDE Connection Session Four.pdf

PRIDE Connection Session Five.pdf

PRIDE Connections Session Six.pdf

PRIDE Connection Session Seven.pdf

PRIDE Connection Session Eight.pdf

Post Adoption and Guardianship Services

Post Adoption and Guardianship Services (Spanish) 


Educational Advocacy

Educational Advocacy.pdf

Educational Rights and Responsibilities.pdf

Educational Rights and Responsibilities.pdf (Spanish)

If you wish to request a physical copy of Educational Rights and Responsibilities, please contact the Illinois State Board of Education at (866) 262-6663.


Adoption Certification

Adoption Certification.pdf


In-Service Modules:

DCFS offers 9 modules of in-service PRIDE training. Caregivers can order a CD for any module from the DCFS Lending Library, watch it, complete a TCAF and send it to DCFS Training, and learn important information about fostering as well as earning training credit hours. Click on the document below to read descriptions of each module:

Digital PRIDE Info for Modules 1-9.doc

Module 1- The Foundation for Meeting the Developmental Needs of Children.pdf

Module 2 Using Discipline to Protect, Nurture and Meet Developmental Needs.pdf

Module 4-Addressing Developmental Issues Related to Sexuality and Responding to Sexual Abuse.pdf

Module 5-Supporting Relationships Between Children and their Families.pdf

Module 6- Working as a Professional Team Member.pdf

Module 7- Promoting Children's Personal and Cultural Identity.pdf

Module 8- Promoting Permanency Outcomes.pdf

Module 9- Managing the Foster Care Experience.pdf

Module 12- Preteen and Teen Development.pdf

Attachment and the Teen in Foster Care.pdf

Reunification Training.pdf

Caring for Children Who Have Experience Trauma Part 1.pdf

Caring for Children Who Have Experience Trauma Part 2.pdf 

Caring for Children Who Have Experience Trauma Part 3.pdf

Child Trauma for Caregivers.pdf

Promoting Healthy Sexual Development.doc

Effective Black Parenting.doc

Healthy Sexuality - Day 1 3-14-13 rev-cll.pdf

Healthy Sexuality - Day 2 3-14-13 rev cll.pdf

More Foster Parents …

Foster Parent Schedules

DCFS Article

Attention Staff:  If there is a need for a specific foster parent training in your area, please contact the Regional Training Manager (RTM) for the area from the attached list.

Regional Training Manager Contact Info

Course Descriptions


PRIDE Pre-Service and Home of Relative Schedule

PRIDE Pre-Service Schedule

Home of Relative Pre-Service Schedule


Educational Advocacy

Educational Advocacy Schedule


Adoption Certification

Adoption Certification Schedule


Foster Parent In-Service Trainings

The DCFS Office of Training now offers In-Service Training on-line!  To log in and take an In-Service Training Course, please click here.

Course Descriptions

Foster Parent In-Service Schedule

Schedules for individual In-Service Classes are listed below:

Attachment and the Teen in Family Foster Care Schedule

Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma Schedule

Child Trauma for Caregivers Schedule

Module 1 - Foundation for Meeting the Developmental Needs of Children at Risk Schedule

Module 2 - Using Discipline to Protect, Nurture and Meet Developmental Needs Schedule

Module 4 - The Sexual Development of Children and Responding to Child Sexual Abuse

Module 5 - Supporting Relationships Between Children and Their Families

Module 6 - Working as a Professional Team Member Schedule

Module 7 - Promoting Children's Personal and Cultural Identity Schedule

Module 8 - Promoting Permanency Outcomes

Module 9 - Managing the Impact of Placement on Your Family Schedule

Module 12 - Understanding and Promoting Pre-Teen and Teen Development Schedule

Promoting Healthy Sexual Development and Pregnancy Prevention with Children and Youth in Foster Care Training for Foster Parents, Adoptive Parents and POS Direct Service Staff Schedule.pdf

Reunification Schedule

Transcultural Parenting Schedule

More Foster Parent Schedules …

Mandated Reporter Training

On-Demand Trainings

On demand trainings

PRIDE In-Service Training

Pride Training Icon