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Training Materials(Please download these materials as wifi is not available at all training sites.  To download, click each training document needed and "Save As" to your device.


PRIDE Pre-Service Workbook and Resources


Home Of Relative Pre-Service Materials: 


PRIDE (Spanish) Materials:


Adoption Certification Materials:

Adoption Certification

Post Adoption and Guardianship Services

FAQs Illinois Medicaid Program

ACA and Illinois Medicaid Program

HOW TO Guide -- Application for Medicaid with ABE

Sexual Abuse Training For Adoptive Parents Handouts


In-Service Module Materials:

Click on the document below to read descriptions of each module:

Module 1- The Foundation for Meeting the Developmental Needs of Children

Module 2 - Using Discipline to Protect, Nurture and Meet Developmental Needs

Module 4 - Addressing Developmental Issues Related to Sexuality and Responding to Sexual Abuse

Module 5 - Supporting Relationships Between Children and their Families

Module 6 - Working as a Professional Team Member

Module 7 - Promoting Children's Personal and Cultural Identity

Module 8 - Promoting Permanency Outcomes

Module 9 - Managing the Foster Care Experience

Module 12 - Preteen and Teen Development

Attachment and the Teen in Foster Care

Reunification Training

Caring for Children Who Have Experience Trauma - Part 1

Caring for Children Who Have Experience Trauma - Part 2

Caring for Children Who Have Experience Trauma - Part 3

Child Trauma Resource Guide

Healthy Sexuality - Day 1

Healthy Sexuality - Day 2


Emergency Foster Care Training Material:









Advocacy Office Brochure

CFS 534 Medication Log 

CFS 534-1 - Behavior Log

EFC FP Protocol and Handbook

Jigsaw Puzzle - Crossover Youth

Jigsaw Puzzle - Sexualized Youth

Jigsaw Puzzle - Teen

Resources and Supports

Raising Well-Behaved Kids - Factsheet

Medication Monitoring Activity

Problem Resolution Activity

Making Healthy Choices



Evidence-based Training

Childhood Obesity

Grief and Loss Handbook

Trauma Toolbox for Primary Care

Bring Out the Best in Your Children

When Things Are Not Perfect - Caring for Yourself and Your Children

Parenting After Trauma

How to Connect with Your Brothers and Sisters









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