Foster Parent Schedules

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Attention Staff:  If there is a need for a specific foster parent training in your area, please contact the Regional Training Manager (RTM) for the area from the attached list.

RTM Contact Info.doc

Course Descriptions.pdf


PRIDE Pre-Service and Home of Relative Schedule

PRIDE Pre-Service Schedule.pdf

HMR Schedule.pdf


Educational Advocacy

Educational Advocacy Schedule.pdf


Adoption Certification

Adoption Certification Schedule.pdf


Foster Parent In-Service Trainings

The DCFS Office of Training now offers In-Service Training on-line!  To log in and take an In-Service Training Course, please click here.

Transcultural Parenting Schedule.pdf

Module 1 Schedule.pdf

Module 2 Schedule.pdf

Module 4 Schedule.pdf

Module 5 Schedule.pdf

Module 6 Schedule.pdf

Module 7 Schedule.pdf

Module 8 Schedule.pdf

Module 9 Schedule.pdf 

Child Trauma for Caregivers.pdf

EBP Schedule.pdf


Sexual Health FP Schedule.pdf

Teen Attachment.pdf

Teen Development Schedule.pdf

Caring for Children Who Have Experienced Trauma.pdf

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