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The top part of the box to the right lists your browser type.

The first item in the second box indicates if your browser is compatible with the Online Instruction system. If it is not, you will be asked to update your browser.

The second item in the lower box indicates the Flash player plug-in your system is currently using. If your plug-in is not compatible, you will be asked to update it.

The last item in the lower box indicates if your JavaScript is enabled. The system will not function properly if it is disabled. You may need to update your JavaScript for the site to function properly.

If you need to update your browser, plug-ins, or JavaScript, the links below will connect you to the appropriate source. The recommended version you should download is included below the link.

If your browser is an older version of Netscape, this page may not appear correct. If you cannot read any text, or strange symbols appear between letters, follow these directions: First, update your browser; then, restart your computer; last, login again and run the browser test (many computer upgrades or installations will not work unless you restart your computer).

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